1. What is Removable Wallpaper?

Removable wallpaper is a newfangled way to apply wallpaper without the glue or the mess and it is completely removable. Our wallpaper is a lightweight fabric material that is self adhesive and it can be re-positioned during the installation for perfect alignment.

2. Can I reuse the wallpaper?

The wallpaper is re-postionable, but it would pose some challenge trying to take it down and move it with the self adhesive.

3. Can I cover existing wallpaper with Wallspruce Removable Wallpaper?

Yes, our fabric wallpaper is opaque, therefore it will block out a dark wall color or existing wallpaper pattern.

4. Can I change the color of the wallpaper?

We try to offer our wallpapers in the most popular colors for home decor but if you want a different color please contact us for a custom order and appropriate pricing for color matching.

5. How do I know how many panels I need to order?

Step 1: Measure your wall, width and height in inches

For example a wall that is (8ft wide x 9ft high) is the same as (96in wide x 108in high)


Step 2: Divide the width of your wall in inches by 24.

For example, 96″ divided by 24″ is 4, therefore you will need 4 panels to cover a 96″ wide wall. If you get a decimal number round up to the nearest whole number, such as 4.5 = 5 panels


Step 3: Find your wall height in the drop down box of the wallpaper you are choosing.

For this example it is ( 2ft. x 9ft. )


Step 4: Up the Quantity to 4, using the + under quantity.



Step 5: Click ‘Add to Cart’ and go to the checkout page to enter your shipping and billing information.


Our wallpapers come in the following sizes and conversions:
  • 1 Panel: 2 ft x 4 ft. | 24"w x 48"h | 60.96cm x 121.92cm
  • 1 Panel: 2ft. x 8 ft. | 24"w x 96"h | 60.96cm x 243.84cm
  • 1 Panel: 2ft. x 9 ft. | 24”w x 108”h | 60.96cm x 274.32cm
  • 1 Panel: 2ft. x 10 ft. | 24”w x 120”h | 60.96cm x 304.8cm


More questions? Please contact us.